Doppy and the Runaway Balloons: Signed Author Copy


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One day Doppy hopped to a shop.
The balloons in the window made him stop.
The love he had for them will never stray.
Until the wind took his balloons away...

When Doppy's balloons fly away he finds himself traveling far and wide chasing his precious balloons. He faces many obstacles and challenges while on his journey. Will his determination be enough to get his balloons back?

Follow along with Doppy to learn to always go after what you want, but to also learn that not everything turns out the way you want it to - sometimes for the better!

Meet Doppy!
Is it a drop? Is it a dollop?
He's a Dop! A Dop of cuteness and positivity!
A very cute and very unique character young readers are sure to fall in love with!

From the Author
Doppy and the Runaway Balloons is a tale that captivates young readers with colorful images and fun rhymes! This rhyming picture book is filled with adventure, fun and teaches young readers all about determination. The moral of this charming story: Go after what you want no matter what!

Reader's Favorite 5-Star Reviews:
"H.R. Manske’s picture book, Doppy and the Runaway Balloons, is pure fun. Told in rhyming verse, the story follows a unique character who looks like a blop of white puffiness. That’s Doppy. His adventure takes him through town on a quest to retrieve his colorful balloons. What Doppy learns is that his determination might pay off in a completely different way than he initially expected. The language is simple so young readers can easily follow along. The repetitive sounds of Doppy and Dop and Dop Town will have young readers chuckling along. The boldly colorful illustrations certainly help move this charming story along. Doppy has a lesson to share with his young readers: don’t give up. No matter what obstacles you face on your path through life, move forward with direction and determination." -Reader's Favorite

"Doppy and the Runaway Balloons by H. R. Manske will soon be known as a classic. The storyline will delight young children. The artwork—also by Manske—adds beauty to the story. This easy-to-read children’s book will immediately become one of your child’s favorite nighttime stories. There is a certain melodic rhythm to the text. A rabbit, frog, and bird all take part in this adventure, so if your child loves animals—and what child doesn’t love animals—they will fall in love with Doppy and the animals. Discuss
with your children the importance of never giving up on their dreams. Help them understand that a dream may disappear for a period, but often will come back bigger and more beautiful than ever. Help your child understand how things tend to work out for the best." -Reader's Favorite