Doppy Plush Toy + "Doppy and the Runaway Balloons" Book Bundle

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Make story time fun with Doppy! This charming bundle includes an adorable Doppy plush toy and Doppy's first award-winning picture book, "Doppy and the Runaway Balloons". Your book will also be signed by the author! It's an incredibly cuddly way to make story time super fun and teach young readers the importance of determination!

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Book Description:

One day Doppy hopped to a shop.
The balloons in the window made him stop.
The love he had for them will never stray.
Until the wind took his balloons away...

When Doppy's balloons fly away he finds himself traveling far and wide chasing his precious balloons. He faces many obstacles and challenges while on his journey. Will his determination be enough to get his balloons back?

Follow along with Doppy to learn to always go after what you want, but to also learn that not everything turns out the way you want it to - sometimes for the better!



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